Friday morning

Good morning all and a lovely sunny one it is.  We did have some rain yesterday but not enough to do any real good.  It was not until I was on my way home from Shiona's that the rain started and what a surprise I had the windscreen wipers just switched themselves on what a neat trick.  I also noticed that as you drive into heavily shaded areas the dash board lights also just come on.  How exciting it is and interesting that such little things are so pleasing.  

I still heard nothing about the coffee machine and I am coming to the conclusion that the money I saved on the car would be better spent on replacing the coffee machine as it is so heavily used.  As it is the main brew unit that is bust I expect the repair price will be huge so I think I will cut my losses and get another machine.  

The dogs are both exhausted after spending the day charging around Shiona's big garden one of her Westies has decided that my dogs need to be chased off the premises but his little legs are not up to the job and Tubby just out runs him and Dan just jumps over him.  In the end he gives up as it is obvious he is not going to win.  We all killed ourselves laughing when he and Tubby had words and Hamish lay on the ground claiming to be mortally wounded when that didn't work he hobble carrying a front paw. It was a very good piece of acting but it illicited no response from us so he gave it up.

The weather was perfect and we ate our lunch in the garden Shiona had done a nice dish of chicken thighs cooked on a bed of multiple vegetables which we ate with freshly baked ciabatta rolls to dunk in the gravy or should that that be jus!!! anyway it was lovely.  Isn't it amazing how food you have not had to cook yourself always tastes so good.  The men sorted themselves out for lunch and I was back before Denzil had to leave for his late shift.  It is quite amazing how little traffic there is now that the schools have broken up and people are off on their holidays.  I am gradually getting used to the new car which is much more responsive that the old one so I am inclined to be a bit heavy handed with it but I'm sure it wont take long for me to acclimatise to the new beast.

I have no real plans for today just the usual meals and house chores and probably some shopping as we are running low on some essentials.  Then at 4pm we are expecting this feed back session from Barry.  I don't think he can add anything to the mix and I will be pleased to have him off our backs.  It has been a lovely peaceful week now that they have decided to leave us alone,  everyone has tried their best but it has taken a long time for them to realise there is nothing they can do if Mike refuses to cooperate.  If he chooses to lie in bed all day that is exactly what he will do.  He asked me yesterday why the physios are not coming and I explained for the hundredth time that they had given up on him as he refused to do his exercises which he vehemently denies.  Because his short term memory is shot he has forgotten all the efforts we put in to make him move.  

Well thats about it for this morning time to get the show on the road and do something constructive have a good day all................

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