Friday morning

At last the heat has died down and last night was tolerably cool for sleeping.  The last few nights have been unbearably hot and sticky.

Still nothing from the coffee machine engineer so I will try another company and see if I have more success.  I finally got the nets done yesterday, I am not a lover of net curtains but they are definitely easier to clean than venetian blinds.

I spent some time in the kitchen yesterday and made a pepper stew some creamed spinach and we had the sausages for lunch and a nice potato salad I made using up the excess of potatoes.  I have the ingredients for a large bowl of coleslaw which we will have with some boiled ham for lunch.  The ham has been soaking over night so I hope it will not be too salty and I can make some soup with the boiling stock.

The sky looks very overcast but we are not forecast rain however I would be pleased to see some rain for the garden and to lay the pollen which is very high at the moment and is making us all a bit snuffly.

Well the plan for today is just the usual lunch and dinner and keeping the show on the road.  I for one am enjoying the cool air which is flooding in through the patio doors.  Have a good end to the week.
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