Friday Morning

The dogs have been swimming

Tubby looks dry and Dan is sopping wet but they have had a brilliant time.  It is so nice to see them really having fun and apart from meals they were happy to snooze in the sun for the rest of the day. Swimming really take it out of them and they reckon that 20 minutes swimming is as good as an hours walking and it is still the only thing that Dan can beat Tubby at, and so he should considering the size of his paddles.  They did rather well at lunch time as Mike couldn't manage his steak even though I had sliced it finely to make it easy to eat.  Supper was more to his taste - beans on toast and a fried egg.

I am hopeful that the cage for the car will arrive today and Denzil is a day off so he can man the front door while I am at the HAIRDRESSER.  I also have to go to the chemist to pick up a prescription so I will no doubt pick up something for lunch while I am out.

I woke this morning to beautiful sunshine and a clear blue sky but I was feeling disgruntled that I am having to leave my home to save my sanity.  What I would really like is to have my home to myself for a couple of days that would be the best holiday ever for me.  It would be a real treat to have no one but myself to think about I could eat when I am hungry and sleep when I am tired and to hell with the clock.  I could walk with the dogs and not feel stressed because I have to be back to boil the potatoes.  Oh what a lovely pipe dream!!!!

The little plants are doing well but the weeds are doing better so I will have to devote some time to weeding if they are not to be pushed out by the weeds.  This not yet an urgent job but it does need doing soon.

Now this will make you laugh social services rang yesterday and offered to pay for 6 weeks of a fall monitor for Mikes life line.  How pray do you fall if you don't walk and spend your day in bed.  So I am afraid I told them to put it where the sun doesn't shine as it would just be a waste of the copious money they have available.  The local hospital have over spent by 30 million just trying to sort out the staffing problems in A&E.  This problem could be so easily cured if they bit the bullet and recognised that a botched up refurbishment of an old naval hospital doesn't meet the criteria of such a huge population in the modern world.  We need a new hospital built for purpose and with enough room to cater for the growing population.  They are still trying to put a sticking plaster on a haemorrhage after all it was built in 1902 and it shows.  Ok end of rant.

On the good news front my sister in law is now back home following her heart stents being put in and Jeff is running about being a good husband.  I had to laugh when he discovered that laundry doesn't go from the washing basket back to the wardrobe without some assistance and guess who didn't know how to use the washing machine!!!!

Well that is about it for today I need to get organised and ready to go to the hairdresser have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine which is in such short supply.
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