Friday morning

Off to have breakfast with Sandy this morning.  I spent a good few hours reading the car manual.  It seems to do just about everything by itself. Much is the same but there is plenty to play with.   The life line has been installed and is now operational.
Then came a call to tell us that my sister in law has had heart problems and is being investigated in hospital. Looking at a possible by pass to clear the problem.

Sorry I'm so late but I over slept and had to dash to make it Faversham by 9am so I am now back having had my first drive in the new baby and boy does it go.  I am not a fast driver by nature but if you need a bit of speed to get out of trouble I am confident I have what is necessary.

By the way congratulations to my friends in France and good luck for Sunday I'm talking football of course.

The weather is warming up but I believe it is due to rain this afternoon which quite frankly the young plants could do with.  If it doesn't rain then I will have to water tomorrow for certain if they are to survive.

Well thats about it for today I bought 4 beautiful veal chops from the butcher so they will be tomorrows Sunday lunch and Sandy gave me a some courgettes from her allotment so that is a meal all thought out.  Have a good day and lets hope for a good weekend.
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