Friday morning but only just

Good morning all I am back from the show rooms and have made the purchase of the new car which will be ready for collection in 7-10 days so they can do a full detailing and my car can go to them filthy they don't care.  We had a miserable drive up to Chelmsford [yes Joy I know that is where you live] the traffic was horrendous with miles and miles of tail backs in both directions.  Fortunately on the return journey the traffic had cleared and we made good time back home.

I am very pleased with the purchase the new vehicle which has a very low milage and is nicely appointed. James drove me there and back and had a good look over the car so I was glad of the back up.  I now have a few jobs to do like organising how the dartford crossing is going to be sorted as it goes on the car registration and also we need to look a new dog cage for the back.  Fortunately I have not blown every cent on the car so I still have some wiggle room.  They did have a Maserati for sale but sadly it was out of my price range.

James is now organising a fry up while I write this saga so I had better go and pull my weight.  Have a great day despite the filthy weather!!!!! 
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