Wenesday morning

Good morning all. Yesterday saw me up and pottering not doing much but participating I also had a major ablution session which made me feel better, I might still be a shaggy pony but at least I am a clean one.  I am being very careful not to over do things and I still feel feak and weeble bed rest is all very well but it does leave you debilitated.  I had a better night last night with longer periods of undisturbed sleep.  The major coughing has abated but I managed to breath a grain of rice and the repercussions were horrendous.  I definitely don't recommend snorting rice!!!!!  I'm sure you have all done something similar so you will know what I mean. Air is for breathing and food for eating never confuse the two.

The weather today is dull and damp but not cold so it feels muggy and sticky - not nice. The occasional waft of breeze is very welcome.  The bin men have taken the two huge wheelie bins of green waste from the garden clearance, the dry stuff was burned off and the rest is in the compost heap.  So we are now clear of the rubbish.  

I bought myself a Karcher window cleaner which arrived a couple of days ago and all I have managed is to put it together and charge it.  I don't think I am up to window cleaning just yet.  What really appealed to me was that you can use it on other surfaces including tiles and as both the kitchen and bathroom are floor to ceiling tiled that should make things much easier.  When I eventually get to use it I will let you know if it is a worthwhile purchase.  Shiona bought one to do her conservatory and was very impressed so I am hopeful that it is going to be really useful.

Well that's about it for this morning time for more coffee then I will attack the washing up which has built up in the sink - boys bless them don't think ahead and they have discovered that it is difficult to keep coming up with meals [welcome to my world]
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