Wednesday morning

Good morning all so summer is over already!!!  Yesterday started sunny and warm but soon turned to rain and cold again.  I ran round like a mad thing in the morning getting things sorted out before Mikes return.  Today I have a roofer coming to sort out the valleys on the roof which need repointing so I had better get that done before we have a leaking roof.  There is always something that needs doing and booking people to do jobs is difficult as if they are any good they are very busy.  Anyway as luck would have it the roofer finished a job early yesterday and asked if he could come today so I have agreed, at least he will be out of the way by the time the gardeners come tomorrow weather permitting.  The forecast is just for cloud which is fine but looking at today it does look ominously like more rain.

I made a sort of shepherds pie yesterday but in the absence of mash I sliced the already cooked new spuds and laid them on the top to go nice and brown in the oven.  In the end it was half Lancashire hot pot and half shepherds pie.  Anyway it used the up the leftovers and got rid of them in one hit. Todays menu is completely blank I haven't got a clue what we will be having but no doubt I will find something in the freezer.  I really don't fancy shopping unless I have to.  If push comes to shove there is always pasta carbonara and salad.

With all that has been going on I still haven't got round to making a hair appointment, in the great scheme of things it is not a priority so it keeps getting pushed down the to-do list.  I am up bright and early this morning curtesy of next doors dogs who had a big barking session around 4.30 which woke me and try as I might I couldn't get back to sleep once the jobs of the day started to flood my mind.

Second cup of coffee in hand I am out to do the bins before it rains and I will have a paddle around in the freezer for something for lunch.

Have a good day all and lets hope for a couple of dry days to get all these jobs done.

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