Wednesday morning

Good morning all and it is a good one breakfast in bed curtesy of the boys, lunch is organised I will be having a massive prawn cocktail and a nice cheese board which James has already prepared. When I woke there was a huge box of chocolates waiting for me again curtesy of the boys.  Yes today I am 68 where has all the time gone?

Yesterday I had a visit from social services and an extremely nice lady came to have a chat through what they can do to help me.  She has suggested that an occupational therapist is the best option as Mike is capable but unwilling and if someone does the job for him that will just play into his hands of being helpless.  She also suggested a life line which will allow us to go out and leave him unattended for a few hours and as I haven't been out of the house for weeks I am really looking forward to that. It means I can go car hunting with both boys which would be really nice or maybe we could even go shooting I think I can still remember which end of the gun the bullets come out of.  I felt so much better once I had had a chance to talk things through with her and she didn't rush me but listened attentively to everything I had to say.  Well done social services.  Sadly they don't issue cattle prods :)

Well that about it for today I am going to be a lady of leisure today even the weather was on my side as I thought I would have to water the small plants but the rain gods did the job for me but not until all the washing was in and dry.
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