Wednesday morning

Good morning all.
 new blackout curtain

Sorry about the quality of the photos but hopefully you will get the general idea.  The photos were taken at night so the light is all wrong.  I have just caught myself out being an idiot I woke at 3 again with a panic attack took my pill and went back to sleep long before the pill could have worked so I guess this is the placebo effect in full force.  Still I don't care if it works. Sleeping in a darkened room is a novelty for me, it certainly feels cosy.  Dan is back from the groomers and he is only half the dog I will try to get a photo of him but he is just too full of beans at the moment charging around and not in the mood to have his photo taken - still I don't suppose I would want photos of me in my underwear.  Tubby was so pleased to have him back even if he did smell of butterscotch.  With regard to Tubby as a name he is a black and white staff and my first dog when I was a child was also black and white and called Tubby so it just seemed appropriate. As you can see I started my dog training young with the original Tubby in Nigeria.

At the moment the sun is shining but the forecast is for never ending rain so I guess flexibility is the name of the game and outdoor jobs will have to be done between showers/downpours. The house has been like Piccadilly circus with people in and out all week.  We are expecting people to come today to lift Mikes armchair up on blocks.  Then on Friday it is the physio and the hairdresser so tomorrow is the only free day and I intend to keep it that way.  I must admit to feeling somewhat cream crackered.  [sorry that is cockney rhyming slang for knackered = exhausted].  Now that I know I have readers across the pond I had better keep my english correct and reduce the colloquialisms.   If I write something that you don't understand please ask for a translation!!!

Oh my here come the black clouds it is going to rain any minute.  Time to get going have a good day all and if you are going out don't forget your umbrella.
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