Wednesday morning

I had a terrible day yesterday fighting with my conscience - my heart telling me one thing and my head telling me another.  All my friends, whose opinion I value, have told me not to visit the hospital and let Mike find out just which side his bread is buttered he is safe and cared for.  This is against the grain for me and has caused me great anxiety but as time passes I am feeling a bit easier.  It is interesting that not one of his family have bothered to phone and find out how he is.  He has successfully alienated everyone except me.  I am very angry with him and I don't think it is sensible to see him while I am so hacked off with him.  That he is injured is entirely his own fault and he needs to understand that there are consequences for his behaviour and I am not going to come running every time he does something stupid.

Anyway I am off to Shiona's today where I am also meeting up with another nursing friend so no doubt I will be read the riot act.  I know I am partially to blame as I have let him get away with murder just for a quiet life.

My ironing pile is diminishing and I only have a small pile left to finish the job so I will get it done before I leave today.  I still haven't heard from the gardening people and each day the weeds grow another foot taller so I am beginning to feel desperate to get this job done.  The weather is miserable and wet so not at all conducive to garden work.  I have just found an email from them and we are going to discuss what needs doing tomorrow.  At last light at the end of the tunnel which is not an oncoming train.
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