Tuesday Morning

Good morning all.  Well I have finally thrown in the towel and asked social services to give me some help with Michael.  After spending the weekend trying everything to get him to move and failing when the physio came he suddenly managed to walk quite well. At that that point I blew a gasket and phoned for help.  There comes a point when you have to realise you are beaten and I have reached that point.  Antibiotics make you depressed anyway and I feel pretty down at the moment but nothing that wont come out in the wash.

The sun is shining and I have planted all the creeping phlox and also a batch of heucheras of various colours which should fill in some of the bare soil.  With any luck the boys will be taking me out to buy a new [to me] car some time this week.  I have also organised the ingredients to make a big pot of bolognese sauce which will make several meals to put in the freezer.  I have also discovered that by adding some red beans and bucket loads of cumin you can get away with calling it chilli con carne.

Well I am particularly late this morning as I had a bit of a rough night but with the men next door putting in a dormer window there is not much chance of getting and sleep in the afternoon.  
Dennie is here so I had better get going and do something useful have a good day all.
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