Tuesday morning

Good morning all.  Lets start with me I woke at 3am with a panic attack so the added stress has pushed me over the edge but I took my tablet and went back to sleep - thank goodness for the pills. Why now? you ask well yesterday was a bad day Mike was in a mood and refusing to get out of bed he ate better but was very bull headed about moving despite the physios best effort - what a waste of time.  The district nurse came and gave his last B12 injection and to remove his clips.  The wound is beautifully healed and clean and dry so physically all is well.  I tried to explain that lying bed will result in hypostatic pneumonia which Mike said he would rather have so what can you do!!!!

Sandy came to visit and brought me some more coffee which I was in desperate need of and she also brought me some tomatoes.  Denzil had brought me loads of strawberries so we all ate strawberries till we looked like them and I still have a bowl full left for today so you can imagine just how many there were.

Denny is here now and both her and Sandy were impressed by the garden which looks lovely now that the rain has washed it all down.  Denzil has taken Dan to Hadlow college to have his hair cut and poor Tubby is in melt down as he thinks he has been left behind and is not getting a walk.

I need to burst into life and get going so I had better stop scribbling and do something constructive.

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