Tuesday Morning

Good morning all first a bit of good news it looks like the caravan has sold so I am over the moon but the money wont be in the bank until the end of the month but it is a huge weight off my mind.

I went to see Mike and have a chat with the OT with regard to his discharge from hospital.  They are coming to the house this morning to check if he needs any aids to help him get on and off the toilet etc.  My front room looks like a hospital ward anyway with all the many and various bits and pieces he needs to make his life easy.  Now I come to think of it my front room has spent more time as bedroom than it ever did as a sitting room.  First with Mikes mum who came to us when she was on the blink, then with James when he was wheelchair bound and now with Mike.  Still I suppose I am lucky that I have such an adaptable home.  It does however mean that I cannot have anyone to stay as we are packed to the rafters.

The sun is shining this morning so I am hopeful that the gardeners will have good weather on Thursday when they are due to start.  How much do you bet they discharge Mike on Thursday!!!!  In the mean time my hair is looking worse and worse and I really do need a hair cut but I am loathed to make an appointment while things are still up in the air.

I have a load of little errands to run today and an assortment of phone calls to make tiding up loose ends so I hope these OT lot come early so I am not trapped in the house waiting for them.  I think Mike will have trouble getting out of his arm chair as it is quite low but I think I can get round that by adding some of the cushions from the redundant sofa.  I am seriously thinking that I might be better off removing all the sitting room furniture and completely changing the front room.  At the moment the furniture is scattered around the house just cluttering things up and making my life difficult. Fortunately we have a large dining room which is where we tend to live most of the time and with summer coming we can also use the garden a bit more.  There are tables and benches scattered all around the garden so there are plenty of places to sit quietly away from the hubbub of the house. 

Well that is the news for today I am feeling hopeful that at last things are coming together and I settle into a routine of sorts.  Denny was due today but she is having her own problems and will not be coming until next week but James has run the hoover round and the place, while messy, is not dirty.

Yesterdays lamb dish was successful and today I will make a shepherds pie with the leftovers.  I must say that cooking the butterflied lamb on top of the veg worked very well and certainly cut down on the washing up.

Right time for a cup of coffee and a shower then I am ready to face the day.
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