Thursday morning

Good morning all yesterday was bedlam however it all sorted out by bed time.  The roof is mended and Mike is back home.  He is largely immobile so a significant amount of physio will be required. At the moment he can barely get from bed to chair without significant help.  We now have two Zimmer frames and all sorts of drugs for him to take however there are several which are by injection only so I guess they will be sending the district nurse to deal with those.  I made a point of not letting on  about my nursing status as I know they will only dump more work on me if they can.  When I read through his discharge notes it says he had a hemiarthroplasty which is quite different from a dynamic hip screw and a much more significant surgical intervention which would account for his immobility.  It really would help if they would give you correct information still I suppose to the lay public it is just a mended hip so I don't suppose they think it makes any difference.  

Today the gardeners are coming at 8.30 so I think it is going to be another day of bedlam with people coming and going.  So I had better get Mike up and washed and breakfasted so I am free to sort out the gardeners which I hope will be relatively easy if they know what they are doing.  They should be able to work without supervision once they are settled.  The only problem I foresee is that the dogs will be really keen to help so we will have to keep them out of the way.

Anyway time is marching on and I have plenty to do to keep me occupied so I had better get going
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