Thursday morning

First let me thank all those who sent me birthday wishes.  Of course with face book absolutely everyone, including google, sends you greetings which is rather lovely.  It is interesting to think that people you could pass in the street and not recognise have sent you greetings.  The boys gave me a lovely day and I didn't lift a finger all day.  I didn't peel an onion or boil a pan of water absolutely nothing.  I was fed, watered and cherished all day.  The only failure was the one I expected so I was not disappointed and refused to let it make any difference to my day.

In my search for a car I have been looking on Autotrader and have looked at so many makes and models I am now completely confused.  In the end I thought about why I am changing the car. It is not because I don't like it, I love it to bits, it is just getting old and going to start costing money.  So I think I have made the decision and I am going to look at a much younger version on Friday same car just an upgrade.  The decision is not based on anything remotely sensible it is what I want not what I need. Total self indulgence my present to me.  The dealer is a high turnover 4x4 dealer so I have put a deposit on the car which they will return if I should decide against it and they have offered me a reasonable trade in for mine so it should all go well I hope.  With that in mind I am going to take mine to the Albanians for a good clean so it looks its best.

More good news the solar panels have paid up their quarterly payment which despite the awful weather is just short of £500 how good is that.  When we had them installed it was a bit of a risky investment but it has paid dividends.  In fact I had some fun with one of the wretched cold callers who was offering to save me money on my fuel bills.  She was sure she could save me money until I told her my years bill for both gas and electric had cost me £20 so I would be interested in how much she could save me!!!!!! at that point the phone went dead I wonder why.

Talking of the weather yesterday it rain on and off most of the day with some very strong winds. Next door have tarpaulins on the roof where they are building and the noise from that was like a freight train.  It is still hosing down this morning but the wind has subsided time to get going and sort out the car.  Have a lovely day despite the weather lets hope it clears up soon.
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