Thursday morning

I had a really decent nights sleep last night which makes a change I came to a couple of times to hear the rain thundering on the roof but went straight back to sleep.  Everywhere this morning is sopping wet but the rain has ceased for the time being.  The antibiotics have kicked in and I feel much better in myself but I do know this is the danger time when you think you are cured and promptly over do things.  So today will be a pottering around dressing gown day no window cleaning I promise Joy!!!
Sadly I think I will have to dress to go to the poling station but that will only be a five minute job.

Mike is due to have a visit from his psychiatric nurse at ten this morning however I really don't hold out much hope for any change in his behaviour.  Yesterday he tried to persuade each member of the family to pour his a glass of squash - he was sitting with the squash, a glass and a jug of water on his table.  Independently we each commented that his arms were functional so he could do it himself. I mention this just to demonstrate the level of helplessness to which he has sunk.  We are now working on dog training principles of ignoring bad behaviour and rewarding good.  If he can't be bothered to do things he just gets ignored.  This morning he said he was not in any pain so James tried to help him do his exercised but once again he refused so the cup of coffee he asked for has been withheld and he will have to make do with squash.  Do I sound horribly cruel - I am just at my wits end knowing what to do.

James is going to make us a spaghetti carbonara and salad for lunch so I am relieve of that job. However I boiled some beetroots yesterday and they need skinning and preparing so I can occupy myself with that and perhaps a bit of laundry. The weather looks pretty murky so it will need to be the tumble dryer again.

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