Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was another day of coming and going with people coming to look at raising the arm chair and more cushions being delivered.  I thought today was to be free of intrusions but no the chair people are coming back with different stuff to raise the chair as apparently we have posh castors on them.  Who knew!!!  In my world a castor is a castor.

I kind of hit the buffers yesterday as I was so tired all I wanted to do was sleep fortunately the boys stepped in and helped out so actually I went to bed really early and slept like the dead for most of the night.  Gone are the days when I could work round the clock and still stay vertical.  When I was working it was not unusual to work a 1pm to 9pm shift followed by being on call overnight and working through the night followed by and early shift, finally getting off duty at 5pm the next day and having an hours drive home.  Now that I look back on it I must have been dangerous but that was the norm in those days.

Today for lunch I have a nice piece of salmon which I intend to serve simply poached with some new potatoes and a salad.  I am trying to keep the cooking to a minimum as I have so much more to do with Mike so disabled and reluctant to move.  Last night for supper the boys made a massive prawn cocktail with some huge Argentinian red prawns which were delicious.  I must admit that we have hit the take aways rather more than is good for us but life at the moment is too short to stuff grapes.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get this show on the road, again we are forecast rain but at the moment it is sunny.
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