Sunday Morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of another week.  The weather forecast was dead right yesterday so I managed to get some washing dry in the morning but in the afternoon there was a huge downpour which washed in all the salt I had scattered on the patio.  Hopefully there is enough to kill all the weeds.

I phoned the respiratory team and told them that Mike needed an urgent referral as the physio was concerned about his pretty awful chest.  So yesterday a letter arrived and they are going to come and see him on 14th JULY If that is an urgent referral then I am a monkeys uncle.  The district nurse supervised me giving him his anticoagulant injection and I pleased to report I haven't lost my touch it is a bit like riding a bicycle you never forget.  This means that she will not have to come today I can go ahead and give the drug. they will have to come tomorrow as I don't have any syringes so I cannot give the B12 injection and I believe his clips are due out as well.  Actually what concerns me the most is his lack of appetite he is not eating enough to keep a sparrow alive.  I keep putting very small portions in front of him but he only plays with them.  Healing requires more calories/protein than just living.  I am serving his meals on tea plates so it doesn't look like too much and put him off before he starts.  I made him a small salad accompaniment to his lunch which was in a tiny bowl made with one lettuce leaf and one small tomato skin removed - he ate approximately half. Then announced he would not require supper.  Well he got a small amount of cauliflower cheese and half a sausage again only half was eaten.  At this rate I will have to supplement his food with Complan or some such enriched drink.  The dogs are certainly not complaining as the left overs end up in their bowls.  I made a chili con carne for our supper which disappeared with no problems - Mike doesn't like chili in any form so I am doing him separate meals of what I know to be his favourite things.  Today I am going to see if I can get him to eat a small steak with crushed new potatoes in which I can hide a little butter and some parsley for vitamin C.  Would you believe invalid cookery was a subject on my nursing syllabus 100 years ago.  Patients that were struggling to eat were offered a milk shake which contained an egg some sugar and a shot of brandy so I might try that. I think there is an element of fear that if he eats he will need to use the commode which he hates.  I am giving you my nursing notes in the hope that if you ever find yourselves in a similar situation you might have some ideas of how to deal with it, basic nursing care is largely common sense.

Pain relief is also a problem as the hospital sent him out with a choice of Morphine sulphate or paracetamol talk about the sublime and the ridiculous.  So I have moved him onto Solpedine which has paracetamol and a belt of codeine and is a more sensible half way house.  I need to keep his pain under control so that he can do his exercises for his hip.  The last thing we need is for him to develop a pressure sore which would be hell to heal. So I am making him change position every hour but he keeps scuttling off to bed as soon as my back is turned.  Needless to say I am not very popular at the moment, I am the nurse from hell.

First job today is to get the steaks out of the freezer so that they are defrosted by lunch time and as we are forecast more rain I will be happy playing in the kitchen.  Have a good day all even if it is indoors.
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