Sunday morning

Good morning all and it is good the sun is shining and we are in double figures for temperature which makes a change from the freezing wet days of late.  Yesterday I got most of my jobs done and interestingly I reinsured the car now the usual thing is I get a quote for a stupid amount from my current insurer so I trawl around to find the best deal and when I phone the current insurer they invariably say oh we could have matched that.  This time I suggested we save me some time and them a customer and how about they give the bottom line figure immediately - this they did so I was able to agree the price and get the deal done.  I suppose they send out the high figures in the hope that people are too lazy to find a better one and just pay. 

I have been looking around at cars to see what I can find that might suit my needs, I still need a big vehicle for the dogs but perhaps not as big as my Landrover Discovery.  I have been looking at the Freelander 2 which is a nice vehicle but they are quite pricy and most are diesel which I don't really warrant in terms of milage.  I must admit that I have got used to the very upright driving position that the current vehicle allows and I don't want a low car where I struggle to get in and out so that rules out a Lamborghini or a Maserati.  I would still like a vehicle which has off road capabilities in case I get the opportunity to work the dog over the winter.  It is always a difficult decision I could run the current car into the ground then change or change now and get a few years of carefree motoring. Most makes do an SUV type car but Landrover have been in the business for ages and know what they are doing.  So I am procrastinating, something I am very good at.

Today I have a half leg of lamb which I intend to butterfly out and place on a bed of roots to cook.  It will only be James and I as Denzil is at work for the whole day and wont be back until 10pm so I wonder if it might be better left until tomorrow when there will be three of us.  James and I can forage in the fridge for today.

Well that about it time for more coffee and get the show on the road.
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