Saturday morning

The dogs have been swimming and James has done all the morning chores and I got breakfast in bed. I am finally beginning to realise that I can let go and the world will not come crashing down round my ears.  All the phlox plants got planted.  I decided that though they were small the ground is now warm and wet so they have two choices live or die.  In my experience most things want to live unless of course they are very expensive plants then they are suicidal.

What a lovely lunch we had yesterday half a lobster each with a blob of mayo and a tossed green salad what more can you ask of life? For D'Lynn's benefit I had better explain that I have been cultivating my fish monger for many years and am a very good customer.  I have even been out on their boat fishing with them and helped out gutting and preparing fish.  They supply the local restaurants so they don't mind dropping stuff off to my house and always ring me if they have anything really good or unusual.  At the moment I am looking for a really good butcher but it means travelling so I have been buying on line but the choice is seriously limited.  I like veal but that is rarer than hens teeth and I always used to stock up when I went to Suffolk in the caravan.

What a political debacle we had yesterday the media are having a field day it will be interesting to see what happens when the dust settles.  How much do you bet nothing much changes.  Gibraltar could be an interesting sticking point.  I also believe the Dutch and the Danes have asked for a referendum as well.  Bureaucratic chaos all round so nothing new there.  I am a born cynic and don't trust politicians full stop.  I think I will stick to cooking and gardening and leave the politics to those who are paid to do the job!!!!

Today I am going to make a sausage meat plait for lunch which will keep me out of mischief. Though I feel much better I am still taking it steady the last thing I want is a relapse so I am doing small jobs that don't take much energy.

The sun is shining so have a nice day all.....

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