Saturday Morning

Good morning all especially D'Lynn it is so nice to receive comments as it gives me an added item to talk about.  Today they have forecast rain so I shot out and put plenty of salt on the patio weeds in anticipation.  I use salt instead of glyphosate as it is kinder to the dogs they usually give it one sniff then splutter for a while and leave it alone.  One nose full of salt seems to be enough.  I also raced about doing laundry again in anticipation of the coming rain but now I have two big baskets of ironing instead, still nice job for a wet day.

I had put in an order to the great British meat company which arrived yesterday so I have reloaded the freezer.  The meat arrives in large packs which I then breakdown into manageable amounts before freezing.  I have kept out some steak mince and some pork mince so I can have a bit of a cooking day. I thought I might make a big batch of meat balls which are always useful to have hanging around, alternatively I could make a big batch of bolognese sauce.

Yesterday we had a physio come to sort Mike out and get him moving and I was glad that he too agreed that there is a significant difference in the operation I was told he had and the actual operation. From his perspective it makes a big difference as the biggest side effect is if he dislocates the hip and you really don't want to know how they go about relocating the hip suffice to say it is brutal.  So I am now supervising three exercise sessions per day.  At the moment he is only managing two or three steps with his frame so no chance of getting to loo and the commode has come into its own.  There seems to be a distinct lack of joined up thinking I have organised a referral to the respiratory team as Mikes oxygen saturation levels are fine while he is lying in bed but drop dramatically on exertion so I have put him back on his oxygen.  His appetite is very poor so I am feeding him small high calorie meals at regular intervals.  I made him scrambled eggs for breakfast which he ate but you don't want to know about the butter and cream that went into them.  For lunch we all had fake pizza made on a tortilla base and for supper I made his favourite kidneys Jerez.  Again significant amounts of cream and butter.  He is having B12 injections so I am trying to up both calcium and red meat content of his diet.  Need less to say those of us with weight to spare are eating less rich food. Next week we have one company coming to put blocks under his chair and another company bringing a cushion so he doesn't get pressure sores from sitting around.  Gone are the days when they discharged patients with a full compliment of what is required.  My nursing background is of course very useful for me but I do wonder how on earth people without this knowledge manage to cope.  According to the physio they don't and end up back in hospital.  This is no way to run a service no wonder they are broke!!!!

Yesterday evening once the sun was down the boys lit a nice bonfire and burnt off a load of dry garden waste.  My three compost bins are full as are the two wheelie bins provided by the council but at least it has saved me the expense of having the green waste removed.  Good news on the caravan a deposit has been paid and I should have the cash by the end of the month.  Today I will ring the caravan agent and check he is insured then I can cancel my insurance and should be due for a refund.
I have booked myself a hair appointment for Friday so god willing I might make it barring disaster. Dante is off to have his hair cut on Tuesday so I will be the only shaggy pony left.  

The pond is looking better for having its pumps cleaned out so I am pleased that I got that job done.

Well thats about it for this morning time I was back on duty!!!!!
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