Saturday Morning

Good morning all yesterday was a good day in the end.  First the car flew through its MOT so that is one good thing.  I then went and saw Mike who is doing fine except for his chest which is terrible but that is par for the course.  His brother Jeff also came to visit him in the evening and was granted almost an hours visit then he came here to report and get a cup of tea before setting off for home. Len and Margaret came to pay me a visit and see how I was getting on and finally the garden people rang and will be coming next week either Wednesday or Thursday they will confirm on Monday once I have paid the deposit into their account.  The phone rang off the hook with friends checking on me so I feel very cared for.  I finally got the ironing finished so now I can put on more washing.  Not that its likely to dry on the line as it is so wet and foggy this morning I guess it will have to be a tumble dryer job.  I feel easier in my mind now that some of the major items are out of the way or under control.  I hate my life in a mess and like to see a clear path in front of me so I know where I am going and can plan things out so I create the least amount of work and confusion.

OK so plan for today is to send a bacs payment to the garden people then I need to book a hair appointment as I look even worse than Dan and my hair is growing faster than the weeds.  I have three bratwurst left from last nights supper so I am going to make a big potato salad and slice them into it which do us for lunch and requires little work.  Denzil is on an early shift so he should be home for lunch.  James is feeling better so he is up and about and things seem to be on the up so I am feeling hopeful.  Now all we need is some summer weather, a bit of warmth would be much appreciated.  As yet there is no mention of Mikes discharge but you can bet it will crop up when I have the gardeners here but we will cross that bridge when we come to it and I have already prepared his room for his return so that is one less job to think about.

I can hardly believe it is the weekend again this week has passed in a kind of blur of activity but I feel I am making progress.

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