Out we go Friday

I must admit I was surprised however if that is what the people want then so shall it be.  I wonder just how much of the vote reflects the total mistrust of politicians in general.  Anyway, we have made two people very happy Vladimir Putin and Donald the chump Trump does this bode well? I'm not so sure. Anyway I have said my piece now lets see what sort of a pigs breakfast we make of the exiting probably without Scotland.

Now on to things which really matter like what to have for lunch on a lovely sunny day.  Some sort of salad I think.  I really fancy a caesar salad and as luck would have it my fish monger is delivering me two lobsters so they will make a nice supper.  I have just had a parcel arrive with 50 plants so I think I will be spending a few hours on my knees planting. I have gone for ground cover plants as I now have plenty of bare earth.  This is creeping phlox.

I don't suppose it will ever look this good but you get the general idea

 The antibiotics have done their stuff and I am feeling like a human being again and I am chirpy and cheerful after a period of much rest.  It really does help to take your foot off the accelerator for a while and with two adults to keep the boat afloat I really could relax.  Anyone for mixed metaphors!!!!!

Those of you who know me well will see my sense of humour is back so I must be fine.  Lets hope we have a good and sunny weekend which I think we deserve after yesterdays deluge which had made perfect planting conditions.

Have a good day all......
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