Monday morning

Good morning all.  Here we go into what looks like another wet week according to the weather forecast.  Do you remember a few years back we were being advised to plant draught tolerant plants I am very glad I ignored that advice it would seem more likely we need aquatic plants!!!!!  However I for one am not complaining as watering the garden is a tedious job I can well do without. Drying the laundry is a bit hit and miss but I can live with that.

Yesterday I thought I would have a trawl around Aldi but when I got there and found that the traffic was backed up for miles trying to get in the car park I turned around and came home fortunately there was nothing that I desperately needed.  We are surrounded by supermarkets so I could have gone elsewhere if necessary.  Hopefully today it will be a bit quieter and I can potter around in peace and search for some inspiration.

My friends from Bristol had gone abroad for months in their motorhome but decided to come home as he is not very well, so much better to be ill at home.  Shiona too is under the weather which is very unusual for her as she is normally as healthy as a horse.  We all seem to have gone down like dominos.  I am now fine so lets hope the others also get well soon.  While the antibiotics did their stuff I think the rest probably did me as much good as anything I have slept and slept both day and night.  I think this is the first time I have had the confidence in the boys to let go of the reins of control, it is lovely to relax and know that someone else is dealing with things.

Time for a second cup of coffee then I will burst into life.  It takes two cups to get the motor running

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