Monday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a better day Mike is trying to cooperate which makes a huge difference and he has started to eat with a bit more pleasure.  I started his day off with an egg flip made with one egg half a pint of full fat milk 2 teaspoons of sugar and a tablespoon of brandy all whizzed up to a frothy drink.  That went down very well sometimes the old remedies are still the best. Moving his analgesics up a notch has also made him better able to do his exercises all of which has raised his spirits a little and I am hoping that he is finally getting the message that if he does what he is told things will get better quicker. D'Lynn as I am in charge of emptying the urinal I can check his hydration status and make sure he is drinking enough.  A lot of elderly people don't drink because it will mean a trip to the toilet which they would rather avoid so the urinal means this is not a problem. He has a two litre jug of water which I expect to refill daily given the quantity of drugs he is on he needs to flush them through the system.  

Today we are expecting the district nurse and the physio and maybe Sandie might come and bring me some coffee as I am running dangerously low.  I took a bit of time off and gave myself a 10,000 mile service and once I have been to the hairdresser I will look half human again.  Tomorrow Dan is off to his hairdresser but I have to wait until Friday.  Fortunately for us the rain has held off for the major part of the day but then we have a big downpour.  Absolutely super weather if you are trying to grow anything but not so good for barbecues etc.

While I was playing around on Facebook I found my cousin who is a psychiatrist in Trieste and married to another doctor and they have a little girl who is now 11years old I last saw her as a baby and we were both stunned at how much time has passed.  Anyway it is nice to be back in touch even though we don't really know each other very well.  He has very good english and I can read and understand Italian but I have never learned to write properly so between us we can communicate quite well.  

I don't really have any plans for the day I am just playing it by ear but I am hopeful that the improvement will continue.

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