Monday Morning

Good morning all today we have lost the lovely sunshine and have clouds instead but it is a little bit warmer which is all good.  I managed to get loads of washing dry on the line yesterday much of which does not need ironing so I am very happy.  I also took a trip to the clothes dump and got rid of a whole load of clothes that I no longer need or want most are well worn but still very serviceable.  

The half leg of lamb will be on todays menu as we are all here for lunch.  I am intending a sort of tray bake of vegetables with the butterflied meat on top so that is a sort of all in one roast.  With the varying numbers for meals I am largely making it up as I go along.  Fortunately with the years of experience of cooking I can usually throw something together that will pass muster.  The boys are not fussy eaters and will eat whatever I put in front of them.  

I must say that with Mike in hospital I suddenly realised just how exhausted I am and I have been sleeping a lot.  It is not physical exhaustion but mental and emotional which creeps up on you unnoticed.  

Today I should hear from the gardeners which day they are coming and I am so looking forward to having the mess sorted out so I can get back to keeping things under control.  I may book these people to do a once over in the spring and again in the autumn so I just have to do a bit of tinkering in between.

I am still in a dither about the car and can't decide whether to keep this one and run it into the ground or change it for a newer model.  I think I will wait until the garden is sorted then I can approach it with a clear mind.  At the moment I feel like a juggler with too many balls in the air and in serious danger of dropping a few.

Well the sun is trying to force its way through the clouds and I need some more coffee then I can get myself going.  The older I get the longer it seems to take me to get going in the morning, gone are the days of heading off to work only half awake with sheet creases still on my face.  The creases are now permanent and called wrinkles!!!!

Have a good day and may the sunshine be with you......

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