Friday morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of another week.  It has been so busy me feet have hardly touched the ground. Despite the weather the laundry still has to be done and I am afraid I haven't risked putting it out to dry as the sudden downpours don't give you enough notice to go and get it in before it is soaked so tumble dryer it is.  This morning the sky is heavy and overcast and looking as if we are due for a deluge with that strange yellow light you get before it rains.  However I am not complaining as it has washed in all the salt that I put on the weeds and they are beginning to die back. They are mostly on the patio so once they are dead all I have to do is sweep them up.

Mike is being as difficult as he can be so I have moved into tough love mode and I am refusing to do any jobs he can do himself. This of course is completely against my nature and makes me feel really bad but I know it is the right thing to do.  He likes his door open so yesterday I kept shutting it and surprise surprise he made to the door to open it.  The chair people came and his arm chair is now raised up so it is easier for him to get in and out however he prefers to lie in bed.  Everyone has told him that is good way to get hypostatic pneumonia but he informed me he would prefer that to sitting in his chair. My reply was fine but don't expect any visitors if you are readmitted because I for one will not be coming. The physio is coming this morning so I will inform him that Mike can make it as far as the door though he will claim to be unable to get that far.

I did the piece of salmon for lunch just plain steamed which we had with buttered new potatoes with a good sprinkle of chives and some salad.  I didn't eat mine until 10pm when I had settled down from having to clear up a disaster.  I used to have a strong stomach but not these days.  The boys were livid with Mikes behaviour and the amount of work he had created for me.  Anyway enough whinging today I am off to the hairdresser at 4pm so hopefully I should at least look a little better once shorn.

As Denzil is a day off today I thought I would do Sunday lunch and I have a nice piece of pork belly which will roast well and I have a good assortment of vegetables to go with it. If I get it right there should be plenty of crackling yum yum.

Have a good day all 
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