Friday Morning

What a difference a day makes. Two very nice young people a girl and a boy turned up and boy did they work hard all day so much so that I felt obligated to go and do a few jobs myself so the pond pump got cleaned and I stripped out last years tomato plants from the green house.  All my vegetable beds have been covered with weed suppressant membrane so they should stay weed free.  The thirty foot width of the garden which had been reduced to five has now been restored.  Yes they are expensive but so worth it you really do get what you pay for.

I was so fired up when they were done that I have ordered a good selection of ground cover plants which will arrive at the end of July and hopefully they will cover the bare ground which is now weed free.  It was really nice to talk things over with people who know what they are talking about.  

The district nurse came by twice to give Mike injections of vitamins and anticoagulants which he needs as he is eating next to nothing.  I am a bit disappointed with the hospital who seem to have omitted to organise any physio.  I have tried to get Mike to take a few steps but he refuses and I am a bit concerned because if he falls when the boys are not here I don't have the strength to pick him up. I am trying to give him lots of small meals in the hope that he will at least eat some of it.  As you can imagine the dogs are doing rather well out of this.  

Everything is quietening down today so I may have time to make a hair appointment which has become imperative.

We are slightly over cast this morning but not cold and if yesterday is anything to go by it should improve as the day wears on.
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