Friday morning

Good morning all and today is MOT day.  It is grey and misty out sided and the temperature is in single figures.

The dogs went swimming yesterday and Dan found a really good place to dry off - nothing like nice white sheets to dry yourself on.

Denzil did a nice big shop for us while I waited for the phone call from the gardeners who didn't ring till quite late.  Apparently they have been knocked off schedule by the weather so they are going to ring today at 11.30 to have a proper chat now that they have had time to look at the photos I sent them.  Going by what Mark used to accomplish I think I need two blokes for a whole day to get the garden back into some sort of order.  The garden feels narrower and narrower as the shrubs get bigger and bigger but nothing some judicious cutting back will not sort out.  Anyway I hope I am not going to have to wait much longer before we get something done.  

I was a bit of a sloth yesterday all I wanted to do was to sleep and everything was an effort.  I cooked us some lunch but by supper time I was past caring so the boys got a Chinese which we shared.  My kitchen looks as if there has been a small nuclear explosion in it I don't think there is a square inch of surface space left so I had better make a start in there and get myself ready to take the car to Kwik fit which is about 100 yards from the house.  Nice and easy!!!!

Have a good day all despite this grotty weather......

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