Wednesday Morning

Good morning all well I have just found out what is meant by a rude awakening.  I was sound asleep having had a bit of a rocky night and finally got off to deep sleep at around 5am when a sudden cramp in my calf muscle shocked me awake and in my sleepy state I stumbled out of bed to put some weight on my cramped muscle and fell over against my bedside table slamming my wrist hard against the corner.  The new lively pain in the wrist seemed to stop the cramp dead in its tracks, have I stumble on a cure for cramp? One thing is for certain stumbling around like a bull in china shop woke me up pretty smartly however I wouldn't recommend it over an alarm clock.

Sandie came over yesterday and funnily her dog Luke got on well with Dan but he and Tubby had a few words so we kept them apart - I think Luke is a very nervous dog and Tubby was just a bit to playful so it ended up in a swearing match.  Fortunately we have a large dog crate so we can soon separate squabbling dogs.  I had started to make a chicken and mushroom dish when I discovered that I only had a couple of mushrooms so I added two red peppers a chorizo an onion and some pasata and called it chicken basque which we had with rice.  Sandie had brought me some coffee as she lives very near the wonderful shop and she also added a nice bunch of asparagus as she knows I am an addict. 

Denny had done her stuff so the house was respectable but if you saw my kitchen now you never know it looks as if there has been a small nuclear explosion.  Mea culpa, I left the mess to clear up later but later never came.  My punishment is to start my day with a big pile of washing up.  I also have a small mountain of clean laundry to sort out.  

I think I have organised a garden company who sound really professional and seem to understand that all I need is some help to get things back into shape having let things slide while I had different priorities.  I can quite see how hoarders start, you very quickly get to the point of not knowing where to start so you don't and you learn to turn a blind eye to the problem.  I am not belittling the problems of hoarders but I do understand just how easily it can happen.

Well I had better get on with the punishment for my laziness yesterday at least the bins are out in time for the bin men so that is a start.  Just one more coffee and I will burst into life!!!!
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