Wednesday morning

This made me laugh especially as we are fog bound this morning

Yesterday was a bit like bedlam here with people coming and going but in the end the only one who accomplished anything was Denny.  Dan doesn't like strangers in the house and it is the only time you will hear him bark.  I think this is a good thing so I am not dissuading him from his guard duty.  From my room I cannot hear the front door bell but I sure can hear Dan and I know there is someone there. He doesn't make a sound if it is someone he knows but strangers get the full vocal range.

The chilli con carne went down well for lunch and Denzil treated us to a chicken supper so we were all very happy.  Even the dogs have a portion for their breakfast as there was rather too much and the breast was pretty dry.  I had made preparations for some soup which has now been shunted on to todays lunch.  

The bin men are due but I don't feel like going out to put the bins out as the fog is quite thick and very damp.  Still needs must when the devil drives!!!! Everything in the garden is quietly dripping and what I can see looks really soggy.  It feels like a stew and dumplings day rather than a salad day. So I will hunt down something more substantial for supper in the freezer.  In my veg box there was a big pile of broad beans - not my favourite vegetable to prepare - and I must say I like broad beans in a white or cheese sauce. Alternatively I could make a nice sea food risotto and add the broad beans for colour. Decisions, decisions!!!

Ok time to get outside with the bins and back in quickly for another coffee.  Have a good day all and lets hope the weather pick up again soon.
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