Wednesday Morning

Good morning all another bright sunny warm day and I have masses of cooking to do today. I have a meat delivery coming today and in it is 5kg of chicken breast.  So I am going to make marinades to freeze with some and then lots of sugar free sweet and sour sauce as well as some mushroom and cream sauce then if I have time a curry sauce.  Which should keep us fed for quite a while.  Of course the sauces can be used for other things but chicken is so versatile but easily over cooked especially the breast which can be turned in to cardboard very easily.

I had a lovely breakfast with Sandie and we discussed our trip to Suffolk it is only two days and there will be plenty of work but it will be a break for both of us.  I got the dogs a cow leg cut in half from the butcher and they are really focused on eating them.  Tubby of course has the best jaws for bone crunching and has managed to destroy even these big bones.  Dan is doing his best but he doesn't have the same jaw power.

Yesterday I had two gardeners who had agreed to come and give me a quote but neither of them turned up so I was pretty mad about that as I sat and waited all afternoon for them to arrive.  I guess they didn't want the job but they could have phoned and let me off the hook.  Guess who is not going to get the job? Why do people do that? all they have to say is that it is not the job for them end of story.  Anyway I am back to the drawing board on that one. Gardeners are like gold dust but labourers are 10 a penny.

Well if I am to get all this cooking done I had better get a move on and start chopping and dicing.  Have a good day all and enjoy the sun if you have the chance.

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