Tuesday Morning

Good morning all well it is pouring down here and looks pretty grim.  Mike has had his hip repaired with a dynamic hip screw under spinal block so he is now fine and technically the fracture is fixed so it is now down to physio to get him moving again.  So now we wait for them to start looking at discharge which is going to be fun.  If I sound unsympathetic it is because I am this injury was not accidental but an act of stupidity beyond belief.  This not the forum for the details but suffice to say I am rather fed up with the situation to say the least.  

Tomorrow I am off to Shiona's for the day so I will value the opportunity to have a chat with someone not involved but cognisant of the situation which seems to be getting more difficult by the day.  I have alerted Mikes brothers to the situation but have not had any contact from them.  

I managed to get half of the ironing done yesterday and today looks like a perfect ironing day and hopefully I will get it done before the next load comes crashing in.  I also need to do some shopping as we are out of a lot of the basics,  bread milk etc.

And on that happy note I will leave you and get on with this wretched ironing.
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