Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a day of minor mishaps - the garden people turned up with no tool or anything so I sent them packing as it was raining so spraying weedkiller was a non starter plus the fact that they kept changing the price of the job and would not quote an hourly rate.  Then I had misunderstood Sandie and she is coming today.  The guy didn't pick up the caravan until gone 6pm so poor Anne had waited in all day for nothing.  In the end everything worked out but it was a succession of misunderstandings.

Today we have a sunny start to the day but I believe it is not set to last. Denny is due to come and give us a blitz so I must have a tidy round.  The term 'tidy round' brought back memories of being a student nurse when the ward sister couldn't think what to do with us she would ask that we did a 'tidy round' which consisted of changing patients rubbish bags, putting fresh water in their flowers, removing dead fruit from the bowls and kicking all the bed wheels so they faced the same direction and making sure the open ends of the pillows faced away from the door.  Well it was better than being sent to clean the sluice which was about the worst job polishing bed pans with wire wool was pretty soul destroying. Oh happy days!!!! between you me and the gatepost I still put open ends of pillows away from the door.

When I got up and looked out of the window I saw 8 magpies take flight from a neighbours garden I have never seen so many in one go and now I am going to have to look up the collective noun for magpies.  I believe it is a murder of crows and a convocation of rooks but I have no idea what it is for magpies thank heavens for google so much easier than looking things up in an encyclopaedia.  There seem to be many terms but the one I like best is a mischief of magpies.

Anyway on that happy note I will leave you and go and get on with my tidy round!!!!! Oh and PS my knee is much better after a days rest yesterday.

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