Tuesday morning

Welcome to autumn we have seem to have had summer and now we are wet and misty and autumnal in weather.  Today we are inundated with visitors and Denny is going to try and clean at the same time. Yesterday it threatened rain for the whole day and in the end it didn't start  until 5pm but then it drizzled for most of the evening.  I treated myself to an indulgent bath and also took to the opportunity to clean the bathroom fortunately it is tiled from floor to ceiling so it is easy to run a cloth over.  

Today for lunch I have made a chilli con carne so all I have to do is boil some rice and toss a salad which should be easy enough to do amongst the comings and goings.  

Well I have had no end of trouble trying to get on to do this blog all I seemed to get were error messages so in the end I have had to reboot and still it is a bit porky so as Denny is now here I will cut this short and get on with something more constructive.
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