Tuesday morning

Good morning all today looks like a promising day though many days have started well the cloud soon arrives to ruin it.  It is a bit warmer too 8 degrees instead of the chilly 4 it has been for a while. Yesterday went according to plan and I have made contact with a gardener via "rated people" and he is coming this afternoon to have a look at the job which is mostly weed killing and pruning.  It is much easier to walk someone through the garden explaining what you need done rather than explaining on the phone.

I made a lamb and black bean casserole for yesterdays supper but no one felt like it so we had the butternut squash and ginger soup I had made instead.  This means the lamb will be fine for todays lunch if I do a big pile of mash to go with it.  I am off this morning to Faversham to have breakfast with Sandie and to do a bit of shopping.  My fridge is almost bare so it was a good opportunity to give it a good clean which I must confess is a job that tends to get forgotten most of the time.  It was also an opportunity to throw out half jars of who knows what that have gradually been pushed to the back.   

Mike seems to be getting on well with his bifocals but I do have to keep reminding him to wear them. Mind you he does need bigger ears to cope with the oxygen, the hearing aids and the glasses.  Denzil had a late start yesterday and so he took the dogs out first thing and the tide was up so it was a swimming expedition and both dogs came home wet but happily tired.  Dan loves to swim as it is the only thin he can beat Tubby at.  Tubby swims but lacks the paddles for the job so it is hard work for him.  Dan on the other hand motors through the water with his huge paws and from what I have heard 20 minutes swimming is is equivalent to one hours walking for dogs.  

Anyway time is marching on and I need to get in the shower and get myself organised if I am to make it to Faversham by 9am.  Have a good day all and lets hope this is the beginning of some better and warmer weather.
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