Thursday Morning

Well the sun is shining but we are only just in double figures so there is still no real warmth to be felt unless you are directly in the sun. Today I have someone coming to clean out the gutters which is one of those jobs that tends to get forgotten but is actually necessary if they are to function effectively.

Yesterday for lunch I made some burritos which were basically leftovers in the fridge [bacon, ham, tomato, mozzarella and a lonely sausage] put in an omelette and rolled in a tortilla - excellent way to clear up odds and ends.  For supper James made a risotto and to it we added the asparagus I had cooked the previous night.  We followed it with a big berry fruit salad and copious double cream. Today we have some steaks which Denzil has brought home from work so I will do some nice vegetable side dishes to go with them or maybe just a huge salad. 

I ordered some big storage vacuum bags so that I can wash and put away the really heavy winter wear and duvets.  Then where I have left things for ages in the airing cupboard they have got yellow marks on them so I need to put them through the washing machine before I store them more sensibly and save myself extra work.  I must admit I am constantly looking for ways to make things easier and less labour intensive.  It is also the time of year for MOT and insurance for the car all of which will need to be done before it is up for sale and I can buy a new car.

Well that is the plan and I am now off for my second cup of coffee - have a good one

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