Thursday Morning

The fog has lifted at last and the dogs have been swimming in the river as the tide was up.  The washing I put through the machine yesterday will possibly dry on the line today. Now I think I may have misled you yesterday about the broad beans I love to eat them but I find preparation a bit tedious especially when it comes to removing the grey jackets off the beans. Personally I don't mind them fully dressed but the family like them without their jackets. Anyway by the time I had them out of their pods and stripped there was just a miserable handful left so they got thrown into the oriental soup we were having for lunch where they disappeared without trace.  James made the risotto for supper and did a splendid job he has been well taught and is happy to stand and stir for 20 minutes. A couple of packets of mixed sea food, squid, prawns and mussels was added right at the end as it is already cooked and only gets hard if cooked any more so they just get warmed through in the hot rice.  

Now this will make you laugh I decided to put my air rifle into the gun cabinet out of the way.  Now I don't know if you know the rules about gun cabinets but only the licence holder may know where the keys are and if that person happens to be an absent minded old fart that could prove a problem.  Do you think I could remember where I had hidden them.  They were so well hidden that even I couldn't fine them.  It took me ages going through my room searching but eventually I found them.  God help a burglar they wouldn't stand a chance.  Which is the general idea but it would help if I could remember where I had hidden them.

Some time ago I bought an adult colouring book and some magnificent coloured pencils in the hope that Mike might have a go but he wasn't interested so I gave it a go yesterday and found it very relaxing.  The patterns are very complicated and require concentration to stay within the lines which is great for taking your mind off other problems.  It is bit like doodling with purpose.  I had a reason for this instead of knitting as I had managed to sleep awkwardly and had very stiff shoulder which made knitting very painful.  Anyway I would recommend it as a pass time if you find yourself at a loose end.

OK time to get moving now and sort out the laundry and the meals for the day.

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