Sunday morning

Good morning all another bright warm sunny morning yesterday started off really sunny but the clouds soon rushed in and turned the day hazy. All the trees are bursting into leaf and the pigeons love my pseudo acacia where they sit and munch on the new buds fortunately they don't do any significant damage or they would find themselves on the menu. They are big fat wood pigeons so they would make good eating.  I need to go shopping today as I am clean out of vegetables all I have left are a couple of onions and some carrots.  My vegetable box which was sufficient for Mike and I now runs out very quickly with 4 of us.  

I have been having problems with my medication which has been making me feel very nauseated which makes cooking very difficult.  In and effort to change this I have moved to taking my pills at night on a full stomach which I think might be disturbing my sleep but that is better than feeling sick all morning and at least I am a bit more in the mood to cook for the day.  The feather steaks we had for lunch yesterday were very tasty but quite tough.  They had been cut very thick which didn't help matters much.

Today we will be having ricotta and spinach ravioli for lunch which we serve very simply with butter and cheese.  As for supper who knows I dare say I will find something either in the freezer or in Aldi while I am shopping.  I really should get back to writing a menu but every time I do something crops up to mess things up and I am lucky if I get past the first few days.  

Well that is the plan for today lets hope things go according to it.  However flexibility is the name of the game so who knows......
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