Sunday Morning

Good morning all we were threatened with rain but it stayed dry until late in the day and we have had showers over night.  The forecast is for more of the same today.  I have some gardeners coming on Monday to blitz the garden and then they will be coming once a month to keep it under control, which is yet another millstone from round my neck.

Today I need to go shopping as I have quite a list of stuff to get.  Last night we had supper courtesy of Denzil who brought home some stuffed mushrooms and three big punnets of strawberries all of which were close to their sell by date but were in perfect condition.  I halved the strawberries and gave them a good squirt of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar and then let them stand for a while before we downed them with some cream. Strawberries and cream are a match made in heaven.  I think I may go for the good old standby of roast chicken in the halogen for lunch today. It is so simple and the results are always good I do 30/40 minutes breast down and same again breast up depending on the size of the bird.  A few roast spuds and peas and carrots and a splash of gravy.  A meal that I can prepare with my eyes shut and my brain in neutral.

It is amazing how quickly you can loose touch with home when you are completely occupied with other matters.  Fortunately the boys are good at adding to the shopping list when they finish something so I don't have to do a stock take before shopping.  I have a small whiteboard on the kitchen wall so that I can keep track as things run out.

Joy are you staying in the house or in the lodge? The village church is next door and John is the verger and Anne is the organist.  She did make me laugh when she said she had just enough time to run home put the Yorkshires in the oven and be back in time for the last hymn for the Sunday service.
Sandy had run a B&B so we stripped off our beds and took the towels we had used over to the house as it was a good drying day, Anne was delighted.  It was no skin off our noses but saved her a job.  I think you will find them a lovely couple.

Well thats about it for today time to get myself dressed and off to the shops but first a second cup of coffee is required.

PS I am going to take the car to the local guys for an initial clean then I will get it detailed so that I can get the best price possible for it.
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