Sunday morning

Good morning all it is sunny and bright but cold this morning and as you can see by the lateness of the hour I am sleeping much better these days all be it chemically induced but I don't care at least I don't feel like a wet dish cloth all day and panic attacks are a thing of the past.  

Yesterdays quesadillas were a great success and oh so easy to prepare.  If you fancy a go it is just a packet of flour tortillas and you smear one with tomato puree then a couple of slices of ham then a chopped up mozzarella and anything else you fancy.  Then plonk another tortilla on top and bung in the oven for long enough to melt the cheese, slice up with a pizza cutter and away you go.  For us it was easy as there are 8 tortillas in a packet so that worked out one each but tortillas freeze really well so you could just make one quite easily. I guess it is just a cheese and ham toasted sandwich but on a larger scale.

James did supper, as he is the burger king, and I had bought some interesting burgers made with wild boar and apples.  Nice and certainly different from the usual.  I have also found some buns that are not loaded with sugar so they go well with savoury items.  

Today is Sunday but it is a work day for Denzil and he will not be home until late tonight so we will be three for both lunch and supper but I will leave him a meal on a plate to microwave and eat when he comes in.  At the moment I have no idea what we will be having but I am sure a tour of the fridge and freezer will come up with something.  

I also need to look at what I am taking with me by way of clothes and make sure the items have been washed.  All we need are working clothes for clearing and cleaning the van and something clean to wear when we go out for dinner.  I rang Sandie yesterday and she is already packed and just waiting for the starting pistol.  It is lovely that she is so excited to be coming with me and I am grateful for the company.  If everything goes according to plan it will be a great load off my shoulders.  

The dogs have just come back from their walk/swimming and had their breakfast so they are ready to crash out for a while.  I have never understood why we are not supposed to eat well before sleep when every other animal does just that.  

Well time I got going and made a few decisions on the days menu.  Have a good one all......
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