Sunday Morning

Good morning all Joy has already done all the first of the month stuff.  I had a nice day yesterday but I abandoned the kitchen last night and this morning I am sorry it look as if there has been a nuclear explosion in there.  Serves me right for not clearing up.   

It was nice to see Richard and have a catch up chat as we very seldom see any of Mikes family.  He was on his best behaviour so everything went smoothly though I think it tired him out.  I know it tired me out!! 

Today it is yet another bright start to the day but of late it has started well then clouded over and finally rained by the afternoon.  Still I am not complaining any sunshine is welcome now all we need is a bit of a rise in temperature.

According to the website next door has been sold so I can only assume that they got the asking price which is amazing. A rise of 50k in six months is pretty good I know that they have spent some money on the property but nowhere near that amount.

Denzil will be home form his early shift around lunch time and as yet I have made no plans for lunch I think it will have to be something simple like bratwurst rolls and salad or maybe some salmon which is lurking in the freezer.  No doubt I will get myself a bit more organised when I am fully awake.  I have one portion of bolognese sauce left which is pretty useless with four of us so I am not quite sure what to do with it.  I may just finish it off for my lunch and leave the bratwursts for the men.

Well thats about it for today I have been toying with the idea of writing this blog just once a week with a roundup of events.  Life is pretty mundane here with little to distinguish one day from the next so there is little to write about.

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