Saturday morning

Well I think I may have found a way to kill two birds with one stone as you know I get loads of silent and unwanted phone calls I had 7 one day and 5 the next this getting too much so I have now resorted to a swift blast on my whistle as a reply and with it comes a bit of dog training as both dogs appear instantly to the summons.  I don't think I would like to be on the receiving end of the whistle but perhaps it will dissuade them from calling my number eventually and the dogs recall is doing well.  It is very frustrating when you are waiting for a call.
The gardening people asked for photos of the garden so they could better judge the extent of the work require.  As I went round taking snaps I felt as if I were photographing my dirty laundry to send to a stranger.  Dan soon put pay to that when he insisted I take a shot of him so here it is:-

The pose was his choice and one of the bits of the garden that doesn't look too bad.  

Lunch yesterday was a bit of a mishmash of odds and ends we had the remains of some roast potatoes with some bassa fillets and steamed pac choi with toasted sesame oil - supper was altogether easier as the boys decided they fancied pizza and went out and bought some for the family.  Today I have a rabbit which I took out of the freezer last night so I can joint it to cook.  I am very fond of a recipe of Antonio Carluccio for coniglio san Angelo which is very simple and very tasty - basically you just toss the joints in some seasoned flour and fry then off in a pan.  Once golden they are removed and garlic is fried to golden then white wine is added to deglaze the pan finally the rabbit is returned with a tin of tomatoes and some rosemary and the lot is simmered for an hour.  It goes well with anything starchy like mash or polenta and a big salad to accompany.

I managed to sort through my clothes and have syphoned off that which I want to keep which is now in the ironing pile.  The remainder is packed up ready to go to the clothes bank.  I have hesitated about putting the clothes back as I would like to clean the inside of the wardrobe and make a bit of sense of all the crud that has been shoved in there out of sight.  So there is a fair way to go yet but at least I have made a start.  My box for the charity shop is also full to bursting so that needs to get to its destination.  I am making some progress but it is nauseatingly slow as I am forever stopping to do meals and answer the phone etc.

OK time for coffee number two and time to get stuck in......
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