Saturday morning

Good morning all it is back to the routine again today I spent yesterday tiding up the stuff I had brought back from the van.  I didn't bring much back but I did bring back my two good sleeping bags which have now been through the washing machine and are ready for storage.  I also brought back the towels as you can never have enough dog towels in the winter.  There were a couple of items that were for Sandie which I inadvertently brought home so she is going to come and collect them on Monday.

Denzil then took me out to look at new cars and we went to the VW showrooms which is very close to us so I could compare the size of their off road vehicles and I had a sit in the new Tiguan which has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at.  The dashboard looks like the cockpit of a fighter jet and I just wonder if I will need a pilots licence to operate it.  Anyway apparently he has not done with me yet I have to look at other makes.  As I do very few miles fuel consumption is not really an issue but the size of the boot is, as I have to have room for the dogs.  It is so exciting just looking at what is available these days. I didn't even dare look until the van was dealt with.

Today the weather looks really miserable and very windy if it doesn't rain it would be a good drying day.  My next priority is to sort out help in the garden where the weeds are flourishing so on Monday I will ring a few garden maintenance companies and see what I can arrange.  In the two days I have been away I have completely lost touch with the stock levels at home so I will probably need a trip to the shops for some odds and ends.  Yesterday we dined on the goodies I brought back from Suffolk and the fish monger has delivered me some lovely fillets of pollock which will do fine for lunch today.

Now that I have jettisoned the millstone I will have to have a think about the next priority.  One thing that will need doing is to get the landrover cleaned once I am ready to sell.  There is enough dog hair in the back to knit a pack of dogs and it is due for an MOT in June.  Doesn't life get in the way of having fun!!!!!

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