Saturday Morning

I'm really confused as yesterday was Sunday in this house with a nice Sunday lunch as we were all at home.  The gods were with me and my crackling crackled beautifully.  It was still marginally soggy when the meat was done so I took off the skin and put it back into a 250ºC oven and wow did it crackle.  Lunch was a bit later than usual so when it came to supper no one wanted anything so we all had a slice of toast when we felt like it later in the evening.  

Today for lunch I am going to make quesadillas but with a pizza style filling that is lashings of mozzarella cheese and ham on a tomato sauce base.  I guess this is just a variation on a ham and cheese sandwich!!! Anyway we will see how they turn out.  I have been using the Yummly site {} for inspiration as there are millions of recipes to choose from and it is more the ideas I am after rather than the actual recipes.  As I have been cooking for in excess of 40 years I really don't need a recipe for mashed avocado and sliced tomato on toast.  Yes there is actually a recipe for that!!!!

On Facebook I have been following the spinone sites and discovered that I am not the only fool who is besotted by the breed.  One poor lady has had to change her oven to an eye level as her dog can open the oven door and has removed a leg of lamb which was cooking.  Fortunately Dan is not a thief though I wouldn't trust him with food within easy reach.  I have dropped things and provided I scream NO he backs off.  

It is only a few days now before I go up to the caravan and hopefully sell it.  I am so glad that Sandie had volunteered to come with me as I am feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing.  It has been like a millstone around my neck for ages so fingers crossed it all goes according to plan.  I need to look for the nearest tip to the farm so I can load the car and dump most of the contents.  It is not going to be all work and no play as we are booked in for bed and breakfast so we can have meals out at the many very good restaurants - no cooking, no thinking what to have just choosing from a menu.  Lovely.

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