Monday Morning

Good morning all well the weather forecast is for rain today and we have big black clouds overhead so I think they may well be right.  The garden could use a drink so I am not complaining especially after the glorious day we had yesterday.    Aldi was packed but we managed to get round quickly which is one of the joys of Aldi there is not masses of choice so it is easy to decide what you want and just get on with the job.  I bought a pack of mince and put it straight in the slow cooker with the required vegetables and I now have a big pot of sort of bolognese or maybe if I add some cumin and red beans it might be chili con carne.  We add chilli after we have syphoned out a portion for Mike who doesn't like spicy food.

Tomorrow is going to be hell on wheels.  Dennie is coming then people form the Department of work and pensions are coming to see James mean while the social worker is coming to see Mike and in the afternoon his psychiatric nurse is coming so I think it is going to be craziness.   I think I might have a self indulgent day today and have a long hot soak and then just generally tidy up a bit not that the house is too bad a state.  I have moved my medication to the evening and I must say that I feel better for it - no more nausea.  Disturbed sleep I am used to so that makes not difference.

While I was watching the TV last night I suddenly became aware of just how many adverts there are for forms of gambling.  If you have a gambling addiction it must be absolute hell. It is all made so easy with the modern communication.  I wonder just how many people get into trouble then end up with a payday loan at 100,000%. they must be making shedloads of money to be able to pay for all the advertising.  What do you think about this?

Well that is my soap box comment of the day.  I am off to the bath have a good day all.

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