Monday morning

Good morning all here we are back at the beginning of another week.  It is strange my two days away feels like a month.  I suppose it has been a very long time since I had a bit of time off it feels very strange.  I went and did a mammoth shop yesterday and James very kindly unloaded the car and put everything away while I got on with putting the hen in the halogen.  The dogs were out of food so I got two 15kg bags of food for them and a trolley load of stuff for us.  We dashed in and out with laundry as the weather was always threatening rain but again it didn't come till late afternoon since which time it has been a constant drizzle.  I have some gardeners coming this morning but I must admit I am not too happy with them as they keep playing around with times and prices and as it is raining there is no chance of spraying weedkiller.  They strike me as youngster trying to make a bit on the side but there is a big difference between gardening a labouring.  Anyway I will give them  a chance to prove me wrong.  I will start them at the far end of the garden where there is nothing but weeds so no rocket science there.  

Sandie is coming over to collect some of the stuff I inadvertently brought home but had been earmarked for her.  Somehow I have managed to twist a knee and it had been giving me gip all night and it is very painful if I put my full weight on it.  There is nothing to see no redness or swelling just pain so hopefully a day or two of light duties should see it resolve itself if I keep it gently moving.  I have no memory of doing anything to bring it on, it just came on for no apparent reason. Frustrating!!!!

I don't know what is going on with this blog I posted early yesterday but for some inexplicable reason it didn't appear on my screen and I reposted again in the afternoon.  We will see what happens today.  It is 6.30 am so it should appear but who knows?

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