Monday morning

Good morning all well here we are only one day to go and I am off to sort out the caravan tomorrow. It is only two days that I am away but in my mind I am preparing for a fortnights holiday and I have to keep reminding myself it is only two days.  However, there is a list of things that I mustn't forget to take with me like the tow bar for the car which we now remove as it has been stolen before and cost my £500 for a new one.  I will also need to take all the paper work associated with the van.  All the instruction manuals are kept in the van so they are already there.  I am taking just two items of clothing one to work in and one to go out for dinner in. And as my grandmother taught me, clean underwear, in case I get run over!!!!!  I have very mixed feelings about getting rid of the van as we have camped all our lives starting with tents and gradually moving up market.  When the boys were teenagers we had a huge trailer tent but we needed their participation to erect it so when they left home we moved to a caravan which was less work for Mike and I. I guess this is the closing of another chapter but it will be a huge relief not to have to worry about it.

It is only a two hour run to Kettlebrugh and this is where we will be staying with the caravan parked along side.

The drive up is nice and easy as it is dual carriageway all the way until we turn off into the countryside for Kettlebrugh.  

I find this time difficult as it is too soon to do some things and too late to do others.  All the washing is up to date I just have some ironing to do before I go.  The freezer is full as is the fridge and the vegetables arrive tomorrow so the boy will not have much to think about.  I made a huge pot of bolognese type sauce which will end up in the freezer today and be ready when all else fails there is always pasta!!!!

Well thats about it for this morning it is dull and still chilly here and I believe we are destined for rain today at some point. 

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