Monday morning

Here we are at the beginning of yet another week and another month and hopefully some warmth will be coming our way too.  Despite the cold weather the blossom is out in force and suddenly the world has gone from black and white to colour.  Being in Kent and surrounded by orchards I suppose this is something I notice more than most.  

I had a really lazy day yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather so I gave myself the day off and lounged around watching rubbish.  Actually it was not all rubbish I have found myself transfixed by programs on archeology, history, biology and astronomy.  What an education I am getting!!!! The one thing I am avoiding like the plague is the all the politics about Europe.  I have decided I have a better grasp of astrophysics than the minutia of the in and out debate.  What are your thoughts on the subject?

I got away with a very simple lunch of fish cakes in rolls with a big handful of salad and supper was even more odd.  I had a portion of bolognese sauce left so I spread it on pitta breads which then got a nice layer of mozzarella cheese and shoved under the grill.  Actually for all that this was a strange combination it worked rather well and everyone was happy with the results.  I was happy as I had managed to use up the leftovers.  So today I can start with a clean slate so to speak.

My coffee stocks are very low so I have organised to meet Sandie for a breakfast tomorrow morning in Faversham so I can kill two birds with one stone we can have a nice meal and gossip and I can do the necessary shopping.  We can also run over the arrangements for the trip up to the caravan which is looming.  Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with the sale.  It will be a huge weight off my mind once it has gone.  Then I can start looking for a newer car.

In the mean time I am getting desperate for some help in the garden so I think I will go via rated people and hope I can get someone who knows what they are doing.  I have decided to leave the far end fallow this year so I just need to suppress the weeds before they get out of hand.  All the paths and hard standing are growing weeds really well time for a good brine mix which will see the end of them.

Well that is the plan for the next couple of days Shiona is off to Scotland to deal with her property so I will not be seeing her this week.  Denzil is on a late shift so he doesn't start until 6pm so lunch for 4 supper for 4 but one portion plated and left to be microwaved when he comes in.

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