Friday morning

Yesterday saw me burst into a bit of life I went to town on my wardrobe and took out every top I posses and the whole lot went through the washing machine.  They dried beautifully on the line  and today they are destined to be thinned out considerably anything with a small defect will be going to the clothes bank and only items that I like and need will be finding their way back upstairs to my wardrobe.  

The guy who came to do the guttering was a really nice guy and did a lovely job for me including pruning the Trachelospermum jasminoides which is clambering up the front of the house. 

The guttering was full of moss and other debris and he has added me to his list of customers who will require an annual gutter maintenance.  Total cost for the work was £55 which I consider very reasonable.  While he was up the ladder he also pointed out a couple of items I need to think about as the valleys are in need of attention. In the garage were a pile of tools I intended to take to the tip not because they were broken but just because we can no longer use them.  So I asked him if there was anything he might like and very gratefully he has cleared most of the stuff so that has saved me a trip to the tip.

For lunch we had some steaks that Denzil had acquired from work and more fruit also from work. The stuff he gets is stuff that is too late for display but still within date so it tends to be fresh fruit and the like.  I am quite good at incorporating food into the very slack menu or rearranging the menu to suit items that need to be eaten now.

Today Denzil is a day off so we might have to be on Sunday lunch mode but he is very accommodating where food is concerned and eats what ever I put in front of him.  James lit a bonfire late in the evening once everyones washing was in and burned off the tree that had fallen in the pond which had dried out enough to set light to.

My caravan has been valeted and is now up for sale so who knows I might catch a buyer over the bank holiday weekend. In my mind it has already gone and my next priority is to get the garden back to some sort of order.  I am hoping the company I have contacted will come and view the garden and decided how much time they need to straighten things up.  It is difficult for me to decide how long it will take as I have no idea how fast they are at working.  Mark used to accomplish loads in between 2-4 hours if they work at that rate 2 guys should only need on 8 hour day which is going to cost around £500 which is pricy but you get what you pay for.  I know I will feel reinvigorated once the back of the problem is broken.

Ok time to get the day underway and start sifting through the clothes from yesterday.  I only intend to iron that which is going back into use the rest can go as it is, clean but un-ironed.  

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